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The Red Windmill
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A Bordello for the Literary Elite.
1890s, 1920s, absinthe, aestheticism, albert camus, aleister crowley, ambition, anais nin, arsenic, art, autumn, baudelaire, beauty, bitterness, black lace, bohemianism, books, childhood, christopher marlowe, classical music, consumptive heroines, contradiction, corsets, creativity, dancing, decadence, delusions, desdemona, doomed heroes, dostoyevsky, drama, drinking, eccentricity, edgar allan poe, elitism, emily dickinson, erik satie, escapism, experience, fairy tales, fin de siècle, flowers, français, freedom, gothic, hallucinations, hamlet, heavenly creatures, history, iago, imagination, innocence, insanity, jealousy, jean paul sartre, keats, knowledge, lady macbeth, laudanum, leeches, les liaisons dangereuses, lewis carroll, libraries, literature, lord byron, love, machiavelli, marla singer, mary shelley, media sensationalism, montmartre, mother goose, moulin rouge, mythology, nietszche, night, ophelia, opium, oscar wilde, othello, paranoia, paris, passion, phantom of the opera, pianos, poetry, possession, prostitution, psychology, purity, reading, religious confusion, rimbaud, romanticism, samuel taylor coleridge, sarcasm, satin, shakespeare, shelley, silent films, sin, sleep deprivation, striped stockings, sylvia plath, the brontë sisters, the brothers grimm, the occult, the renaissance, the roman empire, the victorian era, theatre, toulouse-lautrec, tragic love affairs, travel, truth, violins, virginia woolf, waterhouse, william blake, william burroughs, william wordsworth, winter, wit, woe, writing